fake email
and defend your
business email
from fraud attacks.
fake email
your business assets
from deception
and fraud.
fake email
employee email
against social
engineering fraud.

ZapFraud protects you from scam emails that
target your business while letting through
legitimate emails from the people your trust.

ZapFraud's Fraud Firewall.™

Narrative Analysis

Deception Analysis
ZapFraud detects Business Email
Compromise scams based on
automated analysis of deceptive
content and structure.

Classify and Act
Based on the results of the Deception Analysis, an action is taken: quarantine, discard, alert or deliver.
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spoofed email icon

Misclassification Analysis
Messages at high risk of
being misclassified are
quarantined, and released
only after authentication.

ZapFraud protects you by understanding the
structure of the problem. Our patent pending
Fraud Firewall™ offers the first proactive solution
to the growing problem of BEC.

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